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  [ad] Original Buffalo Wings at Bundang near by Seohyun Station.
  Will     Mon 17 May 2010 01:14 PM (GMT)      Read : 14771    
Hi, there!
I would inform you that We have just opened a great Buffalo Wing Restaurant named "165F" at Bundang near by Seohyun Station.

We have Original Hot Wing that you will be realized "it's original from where it was borned", plus we have Honey Hot, BBQ, Pineapple Teriyaki, Honey Hot Mustard, Plain and K-Hot.

We have some American customers and they said "it's real Original hot wings we had from our hometown."

Our business Hour is 17:00 to 02:00 Mon thru Sun.
Most days we have promotion with draft beer.

If you miss original hot wings, you should come and check this out soon.

We can make our wings to go, but deliver.

If you have any question, please give us call at 031-704-5794 or email us to

Bundang-Gu, Seohyund-Dong 248-1, Daemyung Plaza 320,
165F Buffalowings

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