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School Name and description School Location  Date
  Magic Education International
/Month, Visa,...for full-time American Middle/High school teachers needed near to Xi Dan,line 1, Beijing A ...
Beijing, China 3 Jul
  magic edu.
Full time kindergarten English teachers are needed in Zhu Hai, Guang Dong province; Yi Wu city, Zhe jiang Provin...
bei jing,, China 3 Jul
  magic edu.
Nice international kindergarten is in need of teachers right now ,12K-15K/Month,Mon to Fri, close to subway statio...
bei jing,, China 3 Jul
  Shanghai Foreign Languages College
Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Languages College Looking for 3 English teachers, 2 Japanese teachers and Korean teachers ...
Shanghai, China 26 Jun
  Youth international
English teachers wanted work place:taizhou,hangzhou ,zhejiang 1province ,china ...
hangzhou ,.., China 14 Jun
  Kobe College Corporation-Japan Education Exchange
Position: English Teacher for grades 7-12 at Kobe College High School, a private, all-girls school located in Nishinomiya, Japan ...
Northfield.., USA 10 Jun
  Ningbo high school
this is a public college in Anji city ,we are recruiting Two ESL teacher on September2013,if you are interested at this position,...
Ningbo/Zhe.., China 4 Jun
  Ningbo high school
this is a public college in Ningbo seaside city,Zhejiang province .close to Hangzhou and Shanghai,we are recruiting Esl teacher on...
Ningbo/Zhe.., China 4 Jun
  Changsha Country Garden • Venice Bilingual School
We are seeking native speakers of English for teaching positions. Contract: Minimum of 6 months as a full time English teacher w...
Hunan, China 26 May
  Strong Interntional
Zhejiang Strong International Training College is currently looking for experienced teacher trainers to provide American institute...
Hangzhou, China 10 May
  Strong Interntional
Compensation •Full-time – 20 teaching/office hours a week. •Competitive salary (depending on qualifications an...
Hangzhou, China 7 May
Teach our ESL students from home using our online teaching platform. If you are an ESL teacher with a computer running Windows, ... photo exist
Taipei, Taiwan 25 Apr
Teach our ESL students from home using our online teaching platform. If you are an ESL teacher with a computer running Windows, ... photo exist
Taipei, Taiwan 25 Apr
  Morgan Recruiting Services
Positions in Seoul and surrounding districts: Spring start dates Morgan Recruiting is currently looking for teachers for excel...
Seoul, South Korea 9 Apr
  Fujian Public University
this is a public university in Suzhou city ,Jiangsuprovince .Suzhou is closed to Shanghai and Hangzhou,we are recruiting 1-2 Esl t...
Xiamen cit.., China 29 Mar
  Fujian Public University
this is a public University in Fuqing city,Fujian province,we are recruiting two Esl teachers in Sep2013.if you’re interested at ...
Xiamen cit.., China 29 Mar
  Jiangxi Computer Training School
We are looking for a Japanese language teacher who is a native Japanese speaker from Japan. The teacher should have a bachelor's d...
Jiangxi, China 6 Mar
  Ameson Education & Culture Exchange Foundation-Center for American High School C
Would YOU like to: Work with a stable yet dynamic organization using western education standards? Teach motivated high school ...
Nanjing, China 26 Dec
  China Global Education
Jiangxi Gannan University is the only independent set of Ordinary Western university, located in the southern Jiangxi Province, th...
Shijiazhaung, China 31 Oct
  Education Experts
Education Experts has a number of openings for ESL Instructors (men and women) for the academic year 2012-2013. These appointments...
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 14 Jun
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