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School Name and description School Location  Date
  Morgan Recruiting
Teachers required for Christian Academy in Suwon - only 21 hours per week. Great schedule and location Morgan Recruiting is cu...
Seoul, South Korea 31 May
  Morgan Recruiting
Excellent teaching position in central Seoul (Dongdaemun) starting asap - 2.7 million An excellent school program in Dongdaem...
Seoul, South Korea 31 May
  Planet People Co.
1~ 2 months temporary position in Yongin city! Location: Yongin city Teacher: One native teacher Start date: ASAP (this week!...
Seoul, South Korea 30 May
  David Hawk English School
David Hawk English School is the first private English school established in Maoming City on September 9th,1997 .Maoming is a beau...
Maoming, China 17 May
  High Flyer English
1.Give lessons to the highest standards of English language teaching 2.Become familiar with the programmes and courses of study a...
Changchun .., China 7 May
  Siyuan Education Agency
About Wuyi The Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is located in Wuyishan City and stretches along Fujian's northernmost border with Jiangx...
Zhejiang p.., China 3 May
  Siyuan Education Agency
About Daqing city Daqing is known as the Oil Capital of China and has experienced a phenomenal boom since oil was discovered he...
Zhejiang p.., China 3 May
  middle school in south of China
We are looking for a native or near native oral English teacher for middle school.   Requirements :   1. Native or near na...
south city, China 26 Apr
  ET Language Training Company
1.Teache Italian in a factory three times a week at night; 2.Summarize the students study progress; 3.Fill the students assessme...
Dongguan G.., China 15 Apr
GnB English School in Daejeon, Korea offers opportunities to work as a teacher. Korean is not required. Lovely children are waiti...
Deajeon, South Korea 19 Mar
  ameson institute for for languages
The Ameson Institute of Foreign Language (AIFL) in China offers attractive opportunities to work as a teacher at its schools or af... photo exist
nanjing, China 18 Mar
  ameson institute for for languages
The Ameson Institute of Foreign Language (AIFL) in China offers attractive opportunities to work as a teacher at its schools or af... photo exist
nanjing, China 18 Mar
1. School address? B1000110 Busan / 2.Available: end of Feb / 3.Numbers of foreign teachers at school? 3 / 4.Student age? kin~midd...
Canada, Canada 25 Feb
  Langugage Cube
Language Cube, a growing one:one English institute in Gang-nam, Seoul is looking for qualified, professional and dedicated Kyopos ...
Seoul, South Korea 24 Feb
*Job description • Location: Guri city, Gyeonggi province • Starting date: March • Teaching Level: Kinderg...
Seoul, South Korea 24 Feb
*Job description •Location: Cheonan City •Starting date: April 10 •Open position: 1 •Teaching leve...
Seoul, South Korea 24 Feb
Our company is seeking native english speakers and trusted people to work with us at least six months. Guaranteed monthly net sala...
Catania, Italy 4 Feb
  american cultural association language schools
we are looking for native speaking teacher(s) who has ELT certificate and/or teaching experience, can inhabit in Eskisehir/TURKEY ...
eskisehir, Turkey 2 Feb
Our school is more than 10 years. We have 4 branches in Seoul. Currently we have about 300 adult students and 10 teachers. It's lo...
Seoul, South Korea 24 Jan
  HBS Company
HBS is looking for native English speakers with a minimum education of a bachelor's degree to teach English in Korea. HBS is to he...
Seoul, South Korea 4 Jan
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