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School Name and description School Location  Date
  Kim Lien
OPPORTUNITIES BECOME TEACHER OF ENGLISH IN VIETNAM Technology Transferring & Education Development Consultant Company is imp...
Ha Noi, Viet Nam 15 Sep
  Morgan Recruiting Services
Seoul and surrounding areas This is a great school with an outstanding program and excellent starting pay. Poly, which is o...
133-883, South Korea 13 Sep
CAXTON College was founded in 1990 to provide Valencia with a school for the children of local and foreign families company. CAXTO...
Puç.., Spain 4 Sep
  Norman International School
Norman International Academy is committed to recruiting and developing excellent educators from around the world to form a dynamic...
Malaga, Spain 31 Aug
  G school
8) At Sangdo(#739)/elementary Every Wed. and Fri. afternoon classes with elementary students. Every Wed. and Fri. Wed. 3-5:...
Seoul, South Korea 29 Aug
I'm looking for a F4 Female teacher or an Korean instructor who speakes Englishfluently for adult one one one Part time position ...
Seoul, South Korea 21 Aug
CNFTC- China National Foreign Teachers Center for Admittance and Administration,We are nonprofit organisation. We do just help the... photo exist
BEIJING, China 11 Aug
Our Firm has job opening for an English Instructor in Private Language Institute. If you're interested in this job offer, pleas...
Suwon, South Korea 6 Aug
An EFL teacher is needed for a language club in Samara (Russia). Requirements: qualifications in EFL teaching, experience in teac...
Samara, Russian Federation 5 Aug
  John Dewey International Education Consultant
Teaching, Traveling, and vacationing in Taiwan Tired of working? Semi-retired? Want to travel but lack of money? Here is a sol...
Taichung c.., Taiwan 30 Jul
we are looking for one full time English teacher for the kindergarten in Feng Xian district in Shanghai.It is Helping children imp...
shanghai, China 27 Jul
  Chunlai Educational Group
Full-time Foreign Teachers needed in Chunlai Educational Group Chunlai Educational Group is the biggest of educational group in H...
Shangqiu C.., China 20 Jul
  KIS International
Make lesson plans, adminster 20-25 classes per week. Write midterm and final exam papers and compute students' mark. If you ar...
Shenzhen, China 20 Jul
  Shane Eglish School
Shane program makes the blending of teaching oral conversation skills and structured written and phonetic skills a breeze, yet sti...
Yangzhou i.., China 19 Jul
  Wu Xi Private School
A Level Physics Teacher for Senior High School in Wu Xi City, Jinag Su Province This position will begin on 25th August, 2009 ...
wu xi, China 8 Jul
  Wu Xi Private School
A Level Mathematics Teachers for Senior High School in Wu Xi City, Jiang Su Province This position will begin on 25th August, ...
wu xi, China 8 Jul
Here is a little background information on us. We are a startup education company. Our story goes something like this... We all me...
Seoul, South Korea 7 Jul
  Lifetime Learning Centre
We're looking for teachers who are currently residing in HONG KONG and has a U degree in either English Lang. or English Literatur...
HONG KONG, China 6 Jul
  Power Study Global Networks
Imagine living and working in the most-up-to-date English Village in the heart of Education City in Korea. If you are interest...
Seoul, South Korea 6 Jul
Excellent job in small town close to Taipei City. Friendly local staff, polite country kids. Classes are small (10 - 12 kids/cl...
Tao Yuan, Taiwan 5 Jul
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