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School Name and description School Location  Date
  SiFu International Education
AP Full-time Mathematics Teacher Needed (Weifang, Shandong Province) School: Weifang No.7 Middle School Courses: Pre-calculus... photo exist
Qingdao, China 9 Jun
Hello There! A fun, motivating and entirely English speaking environment for English training for children aged 3 – 12 ...
beijing, China 13 May
  Longman Schools
To whom it may concern, Greetings, Longman Schools are affiliated with Pearson group just like Wall Street English. We are a...
Beijing, China 5 May
  Education Center
Click here to see the detail of the job ads.
Tianjin, China 18 Apr
  Pheonix Language Group
Summer camp in Zhuhai, Guangdong province from July 17-Aug 19 is seeking 15 ESL teachers . Students age: 9-14 years old Qualif...
China, China 17 Apr
  Pheonix Language Group
1. Teach general English to adults aged from 18 to 25. 2. Teach 25 hours every week, the total hour including office hour is 40 e...
China, China 17 Apr
  red recruitment
English and Business Study Teacher Basic Information:  Job Title: Full-time English and Business Teacher  Mot...
liaoning, China 13 Mar
  Leader education
ESL teachers needed to teach adult students ASAP! We have training schools for teaching 15 yrs old students and above in ...
Beijing, China 12 Mar
  Leader education
ello There! We are looking for Native English Speakers to teach English in Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Anshan, Shenyang, Hefe...
Beijing, China 12 Mar
  red recruitment
We are currently recruiting native English speakers, to live and work in Deyang, Sichuan province teaching English to Chinese stud...
liaoning, China 10 Mar
Qualifications: 1. Native English speaker, American is preferred. 2. Bachelor degree or equivalent, TESOL or TEFL certificate is...
Ningbo, China 8 Mar
  Chongqing United Foreign Institue
1,Teaching objects:primary,junior high. senior high 2,About 25 classes per week 3.Without office working hours 1.Add my sky...
jiangbei, China 5 Mar
  Chongqing United Foreign Institue
Click here to see the detail of the job ads.
jiangbei, China 5 Mar
  Jilin Younovo Education
Salary and Benefits: 1. The basic fixed salary will be 5000-7000RMB for native speaker. 2. The basic fixed salary will be 3000-...
Changchun, China 1 Mar
  Jilin Younovo Education
SJilin Younovo Education is a total legitimate company based in Changchun city, northeast of China. Authorized by and on behalf of...
Changchun, China 18 Feb
  Topwise Education Group
Topwise Education Group (TEG) operates in Beijing, Tianjin and Xiamen, and has offices in the US and Canada. We have partnerships ...
Tianjin, China 10 Feb
  talkeasy tutor center
We are looking for one on one trainer or private tutors for different teaching or training programs. Details: Children: poor ...
shanghai, China 24 Dec
  talkeasy tutor center
We are looking for native English teachers for a kindergarten in Shanghai city, China. Job Description: One school year cont...
shanghai, China 24 Dec
  Beijing new time international
Click here to see the detail of the job ads.
Beijing, China 14 Dec
  Beijing new time international
ESL teaching in China         There is a good chance for you to appreciate the Chinese rich culture and history ! with...
Beijing, China 14 Dec
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