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Printable View Created: 10 Sep 2008 06:11 AM
Member's basic data
  School name LANGUAGE IN ACTION <- Log in to send a message or to see the profile
  City/State, Country Madrid, Spain
  Address Paseo Castellana 05,
  Phone 0034 608130884   Fax  
  Admin name Mr Mark A. Isaac,   Admin phone 0034 608130884  
  Admin email   Homepage
  Teachers Foreigner: 15 /  Local: 0
Image/Document files
Data on the job
  Teacher type Native English Speaker   Local   Others
  Gender Female/Male
  Degree any
  Starting date 25 / 9 / 2008 (Day / Month / Year)
  Dead Line 25 / 12 / 2008 (Day / Month / Year)
  Full/Part Full time
  Persons needed
  Career as instructor Not specified year(s)
  Working hours Not specified hours/week
  Payment 3,700 
  Teaching Subjects
English Conversation
Business English
Phone Teaching
Special Purpose Course
  Student Type
Middle School
High School
VISA Acquisition Open to Negotiation
Medi-Care Yes
Severance Pay Yes
Paid Vacation Yes
Housing Single Studio
Air Fare Round
  Job Description ESL teaching employment vacancy in Madrid.
[ESL Teaching Employment Vacancy in Language in Action]
LOCATION: Teaching positions available in Language in Action. (Paseo Castellana 05, 28046 Madrid, Spain)
Salary: 3,700Euro/month, based on education, qualifications, and teaching
experience Plus 3,300Euro severance pay at end of a 1-year contract
Contract: 1 year (minimum)
Students: 25 or fewer students per class
6 hours of teaching /Daily
FREE furnished single Apartment provided by the school (within walking
distance of school)
FREE Airplane ticket (round trip) paid by the Employer
Paid vacations plus
all national holidays
(about 14-15 days per
Employer pays 100% of the medical insurance cost (covering the period of employment)
Any intrested person is advice to contact the head of department via email bellow.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr Mark A. Isaac,
Paseo Castellana 05, 28046 Madrid, Spain
Tell: 0034 608130884

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  Comment We urgently need some teachers 
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