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Printable View Created: 13 Sep 2010 01:50 PM
Member's basic data
  School name super tiger english school <- Log in to send a message or to see the profile
  City/State, Country shuyang, China
  Address mingpinjujichengc51-9
  Phone +8615051036773   Fax  
  Admin name Ham   Admin phone  
  Admin email   Homepage
  Teachers Foreigner: 1 /  Local: 3
Image/Document files
Data on the job
  Teacher type Native English Speaker   Local   Others
  Gender Female/Male
  Degree any
  Starting date Not specified / 09 / 2010 (Day / Month / Year)
  Dead Line Not specified / Not specified / Not specified (Day / Month / Year)
  Full/Part Full time
  Persons needed
  Career as instructor 1-2 year(s)
  Working hours 20-25 hours/week
  Teaching Subjects
Children English
  Student Type
VISA Acquisition Yes
Medi-Care Open to Negotiation
Severance Pay Yes
Paid Vacation Yes
Housing Single Studio
Air Fare Oneway
  Job Description hi,this is Super Tiger English School. I am very honest to be here to invite you to come to my school.My school is located in Shuyang county of Jiangsu Province in China. It's a nice city.
The school is a new training center for kids aged from 3 to 12 years old.We need a native English speaker.
Next is the details of the job
salary:7000_10000 Rmb Per month
Housing:for free. two bedrooms,1 living room,1 kitchen , 1 water ,gas and so on ,nice environment.
bonus of end of contract
working hours:22 hours per week
We offer Chinese lessons for foreign teacher for free
if you do a good job in Super Tiger , you will be the manager of Suoer tiger,then you can get more salary and get more chances to manager the school.
So,if you are interested in my job ,just contact me as soon as email is 
  How To Apply
just email me your document and
we are waiting for you join the family of Super Tiger.
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