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Printable View Created: 29 Dec 2010 08:48 AM
Member's basic data
  School name GMSC Recruiting <- Log in to send a message or to see the profile
  City/State, Country Vancouver, Canada
  Address Vancouver
  Phone (778) 786-2854   Fax (604)608-9839  
  Admin name GMSC   Admin phone  
  Admin email   Homepage
  Teachers Foreigner: 0 /  Local: 0
Image/Document files
Data on the job
  Teacher type Native English Speaker   Local   Others
  Gender Female/Male
  Degree any
  Starting date Not specified / Not specified / Not specified (Day / Month / Year)
  Dead Line Not specified / Not specified / Not specified (Day / Month / Year)
  Full/Part Full time
  Persons needed
  Career as instructor Not specified year(s)
  Working hours Not specified hours/week
  Payment 7000-10000rmb 
  Teaching Subjects
  Student Type
VISA Acquisition Open to Negotiation
Medi-Care Open to Negotiation
Severance Pay Open to Negotiation
Paid Vacation Open to Negotiation
Housing None
Air Fare None
  Job Description Job # c1011271
1. School address? Centers in Beijing, Nanjing, Changzhou Chongqing and Hefei City at present; usually all the centers will be located in the center of the city with shopping malls and bus or subway station.
2. Start date of position? Not specified but training starts in Dec 2010
3. Numbers of foreign teachers at school and local staffs? 23 foreign teachers working in different centers at present; local staff more than 150 Chinese teachers and staff.
4. Student age? 3-8 years old.
5. Teaching hours? 4:30pm-8:30pm Wed to Fri and 9:30am to 6:30pm at weekend.
6. Each class length? 30-50 minutes depends on their ages; 2 or 3 classes daily.
7. Salary range? 7000 &#8211; 10000 rmb monthly; increase possible on the second year.
8. Accommodation? In Beijing, the teachers will rent house wherever they like, school will provide service to help them find the apartment; for the teachers working outside of Beijing, the school will provide the apartment, usually close (bus or subway can be taken or just ride a bike).
9. Health insurance covered? Teacher can choose to pay by themselves or school can buy for them in China &#8211; negotiable.
10. Round trip air tickets? 6000 rmb.
11. Vacation? Winter holiday and summer holiday, around 4 weeks in total plus Chinese holidays.
12. Bonus? 200 rmb each month will be given if no late or leave.
13. What the teachers will teach? Different subjects such as art, music, global leadership, world culture, science, logical and critical thinking, book reading and drama.
14. Are there any orientation or training? Yes. At least 10 days. Yes, paid when they start to train.
15. Who will pick up the teacher when they arrive at the airport? Arrangements will be made for airport pick up.
16. Potential candidate: Canadian, American preferably 
  How To Apply For us to be able to find you a suitable offer, please email the following documents as attachments:

1.resume in Word Format (along with a recent photo and references) number/skype or yahoo ID ( whichever is available) and the time we can reach you.
3. scanned copy of diploma and CELTA/TEFL certificate
4.scanned copy of passport

List down your working preferences in terms of :
1. Date of availability
2. Student level you want to teach
3. Expected Salary
4. desired location
5. House preferences

Please indicate if you possess the documents below.
1. Apostilled copy of your degree
2.. Apostilled copy of your Criminal Record Check
3. Valid Passport
4. Physical Health Check forms

If you are able to provide all of this requirements, then we'd be glad to find you a suitable offer.
**For more info and more job offers, please visit our website:
Send your resume to: 
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