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Printable View Created: 10 Dec 2018 12:25 PM
Member's basic data
  School name Global Teacher Recruitment <- Log in to send a message or to see the profile
  City/State, Country 18 Whitfield Road, China
  Address Room 2801, Citicorp Centre
  Phone +44(0)7376413220   Fax  
  Admin name Rebecca Lodo   Admin phone +44(0)7376413220  
  Admin email   Homepage
  Teachers Foreigner: 200 /  Local: 50
Image/Document files
Data on the job
  Teacher type Native English Speaker   Local   Others
  Gender Female/Male
  Degree BA
  Starting date 19 / 02 / 2018 (Day / Month / Year)
  Dead Line Not specified / Not specified / Not specified (Day / Month / Year)
  Full/Part Full time
  Persons needed 10 
  Career as instructor Not specified year(s)
  Working hours 40- hours/week
  Payment &#163;1700-2300 per month 
  Teaching Subjects
English Conversation
Children English
  Student Type
VISA Acquisition Yes
Medi-Care No
Severance Pay Yes
Paid Vacation Yes
Housing Shared Apt.
Air Fare None
  Job Description Are you ready for a new and exciting opportunity? Work in a fun and energetic environment as an English teacher in the leading learning centres in Hong Kong, Macau or China with Monkey Tree ELC. You will be teaching a variety of English classes to students aged between 2.5-12 years old in a fun and engaging environment.

Role and Responsibilities:
&#8226; Teach a diverse variety of classes such as phonics, reading comprehension, creative writing, and grammar.
&#8226; Plan and implement lessons, crafts, and activities.
&#8226; Administer student progress reports to parents.
&#8226; Organise and prepare necessary class materials (all resources provided.)

&#8226; Salaries (per month): Hong Kong: HK$23’000-24’000/Macau: 18’000-20’000 MOP/China: 17’000-20’000 RMB.
&#8226; Full visa cost, processing and sponsorship provided.
&#8226; Optional staff accommodation provided.
&#8226; Approximately 28 days paid annual leave per year.
&#8226; Paid training period provided on arrival.
&#8226; Working 5 days a week with a maximum of 30 hours of teaching.
&#8226; Small class sizes- between 4-12 students.
&#8226; Permanent in-country support team.
&#8226; End of contract flight reimbursement/bonus.
&#8226; Start dates available all year round.
&#8226; Placements available in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Hong Kong and Macau.

&#8226; Required certificates: TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate (100hrs for Hong Kong and Macau/120hrs for China.)
&#8226; Level of education required: Bachelor’s degree.
&#8226; 2 years post-graduate work experience for positions in mainland China (except Shenzhen.)

&#8226; Passionate about working with children.
&#8226; Energetic and enthusiastic.
&#8226; Team player.
&#8226; Native-proficiency speaker of English. 
  How To Apply To apply for our Hong Kong or Macau positions please send a copy of your C.V. to

To apply for our mainland China positions please send a copy of your C.V. to 
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