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Printable View Created: 24 Apr 2019 02:48 AM
Member's basic data
  School name FL <- Log in to send a message or to see the profile
  City/State, Country Beijing, China
  Address China
  Phone 0986137603   Fax  
  Admin name Edward   Admin phone  
  Admin email   Homepage
  Teachers Foreigner: 0 /  Local: 0
Image/Document files
Data on the job
  Teacher type Native English Speaker   Local   Others
  Gender Female/Male
  Degree BA
  Starting date Not specified / Not specified / Not specified (Day / Month / Year)
  Dead Line Not specified / Not specified / Not specified (Day / Month / Year)
  Full/Part Full time
  Persons needed
  Career as instructor Not specified year(s)
  Working hours Not specified hours/week
  Payment 18000-22000 RMB/ month 
  Teaching Subjects
English Conversation
  Student Type
Middle School
High School
VISA Acquisition Yes
Medi-Care Yes
Severance Pay No
Paid Vacation Yes
Housing Single Studio
Air Fare None
  Job Description ----------- 1 Art teacher needed in a bilingual school in Beijing -------------

1. Why Beijing ?
Teach English in Beijing and immerse yourself in the traditions of ancient China while also being a part of the exciting changes of a city on the cutting edge of modern culture. The capital of The People’s Republic of China with a population of over 11 million, Beijing is the cultural, political and educational center of China and the number one choice for people around the world looking to teach English in China. Teaching jobs in Beijing remain some of the most sought after thanks to an abundance of culture and history together with a truly modern city with a vibrant arts, fashion and entertainment scene.

- Beijing is known throughout the world for its many places of interest, some of the most popular being Tian An Men Square, the largest public square in the world, The Forbidden City, home to past emperors dating back over 500 years, the Summer Palace, Beijing Opera shows, the Ming Tombs and of course the Great Wall of China which snakes past the city just 50km away.

2. Great offer for the right candidate

- Monthly salary: 18,000 - 22,000 RMB
- Flight allowance to China in the beginning of the contract and from China to teacher’s home country at the end of the contract provided (also provided for spouse if teacher travels with spouse)
- Accommodation allowance is provided on top which enable teachers to rent a comfortable flat with Western Style Amenities
- Breakfast and meal provided
- Medical insurance: 10,000 RMB
- Ending contract bonus after two year: upto 2 month salary
- Legal work permit and work visa provided
- Allowance of 8,000 RMB for teacher to visit their home country within 2 year contract if teacher
agrees to commit to 2 years

3. Teaching experience at our school

- Position: Art teacher
- Start day: February (or before February) 2019
- Location: Tongzhou District, Beijing
- School: Private High school- Student age: 13 - 18 years old
- Teaching hours: 20 - 26 class/week, each class period lasts 40 minutes
- Working schedule: + From Monday - Friday, 2 days off on weekend
+ Morning 7:50 am - 12:00 pm, afternoon: 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm (no office hours, flexible when no class)
- Curriculum: A level Art course ( drawing, sculpture, art history … )
- Contract type: 2 years

4. Requirement for the positions

- Teachers from native English speaking countries
- BA degree majors in Art or related majors
- Experience is a plus point
- Passion for education 
If you find yourself a suitable candidate for our school, don’t hesitate to send CV, copy of your BA degree and TEFL certificate to the email address: 
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