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Teacher name and description Nationality Full/Part Date
International TEFL Diploma .....
USA Full time 21 Jul
International TEFL Diploma .....
USA Full time 21 Jul
Click here to see the detail of the resume..
Philippines Full time 17 Jul
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Philippines Full time 17 Jul
 Joyce, Lee
TESOL Certificate 2005- CMS Kuro-gu Seoul 2006- Mokdong and Hyoje elementary school under Oxford Academy 2007- lingua Ac...
Philippines Full time 1 Jun
 Peter, Grochowski
courses completed during the studies inculded(among others): methodology (60hrs), pedagody(30hrs), psychology(60hrs), Introduction...
Poland Full time 15 Apr
 Babit, Balonzo
Computer Literate TESOL-USA CALL CENTER REPRESENTATIVE Sports,,singing,movies 1 year ESL Teacher to Children .....
Philippines Full time 31 Mar
 Nenita, Alcantara
March, 1978 Passed Travelling, taking care of my grandson & granddaughter 1990 I am a native of Philippines and presen...
Philippines Full time 11 Jan
 Susan, Oertle
Graduate of Northern Illinois University with degrees in Anthropology, Spanish, and Teaching English as a Second (or Foreign) Lang...
USA Full time 6 Oct
 Ivi, de la Torre
Teaching all levels of students, computer literate and can speak few korean words. Hosanna Christian Language Center 15 A...
Philippines Full time 24 Sep
 Ivi, de la Torre
computer literate, teaching all levels of students and can speak few Korean words. .....
Philippines Full time 24 Sep
 arabelle, encia
computer literate, easy to deal with... I,m currently collecting a classic novel, because when I'm stressed I find reading so...
Philippines Full time 8 Sep
 Ellen, Panerio
Essay writing,singing,computer literate,conversation skills,etc. Proficiency award with my major subject, Teachers Board Passer,...
Philippines Full time 5 Sep
 rosalin, fernandez
Philippines Part time 26 Aug
 Cherrylyn, Vergara
Computer and English Skills, I can sing and dance, ESL Group Classes, Man to Man classes Best teacher of the Month of February...
Philippines Full time 19 Aug
 Ernanie, Araojo
I'm good at relating with the kids. Graduate with honor. Have a teaching license, I got it since 1999. I like singing and ...
Philippines Part time 28 Jun
 gerly, gonzales
Clerical works teaching Responding to Emergencies Taking Care of Child Taking Care of Elderly/Disabled Person Taking Care of...
Philippines Full time 9 Jun
 Yoo Jung, Hee
Click here to see the detail of the resume..
South Korea Part time 28 Apr
 Esperanza, Tuason
7 years in teaching experience in Korea and 3 years as Business instructor in the Phiilippines I can't communicate in K...
Philippines Full time 13 Apr
 Angelito, Garcia
I can understand and talk basic korean conversational coz i've been here in korea for over 3 years. I graduated Bachelor in Bus...
Philippines Part time 12 Apr
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