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Teacher name and description Nationality Full/Part Date
 Helena, Cho
WORK EXPERIENCES 1998 BCM. Kyungki Korea Position: Conversation Instructor for Junior & Adults ...
South Korea Part time 11 May
 Kristie, Park
Please click the Document above to view my resume......
South Korea Full time 10 May
 Katie, Kim
Click here to see the detail of the resume..
South Korea Part time 4 May
 Ann Kristine, Tubeza
Caregiver Knowledge cooking Cooking Internet surfing Sports Account Manager ( September 20, 2004 .....
Philippines Full time 28 Apr
 sunghyun, park
Click here to see the detail of the resume..
South Korea Full time 21 Apr
 Antonio, Lozano
Proficient in English Language. Seven years of teaching experience in English Subject in Grade IV- Grade VI. Interested in teachin...
Philippines Full time 7 Apr
 Frances Jesusa, Claudio
Journalism and Broadcast TV, scriptwriting acting, directing, copy reading, script writing, Computers, cooking, Korean langua...
Philippines Full time 20 Mar
 Antonio, Lozano
Singing, Playing guitar and organ BS Accountancy Diploma Teacher Professional License Student Council President Supervisors ...
Philippines Full time 3 Mar
 Yu Jeong, Choi
University of South Carolina, MA in Linguistics Sungkyunkwan Univ. MA in English Lit & Language. Sungkyunkwan University, 2...
South Korea Full time 30 Jan
 Chris, Lee
Speak good Japanese Speak fluent Korean Winner of the Japanese Speech Contest, 2002 English Teacher, March 200...
Canada Full time 3 Jan
 Jasmine, Johnson
Click here to see the detail of the resume..
USA Full time 25 Dec
 Leen, Choi
I graduated DaeWon Foreign Language Highschool which is the most prestigious school in Korea and I am in the second year in Catho...
South Korea Part time 18 Dec
 Ederlyn, Caballes
Click here to see the detail of the resume..
Philippines Full time 8 Dec
 Edina, Ramirez
Please see CV Taking Korean classes and TESOL course online I have been in Korea for 5 years. 1 year in an amazing hogwan a...
USA Full time 8 Dec
 Kyungwon, Min
- Language Fluent English speaking , native speaker of Korean Passed grade 12 course from Ontario Ministry of Education in Cana...
South Korea Part time 22 Nov
 Noella, Oh
Jewellery making Numerous awards in high scholl, participated in many art exhibitions and my art work being published in a book ...
Australia Full time 25 Oct
 kevin, Kremer
See attached resume .....
USA Part time 10 Oct
 Parthiban, Kanniwadi
I teach French also.I am the Head of the Department of Lanugages. I am the Coordinator of the Examination and Time Table committee...
India Full time 29 Sep
Nigeria Full time 28 Sep
 michael, browne
communication and educating BSc (Nat), Dip Health Science (Nutrition), Dip Health Science (Herbal Medicine), Senior First Aid Ce...
Australia Full time 1 Sep
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